Saturday, April 28, 2007

Where are the Geese?

This is the flock of brant geese that was recently misidentified in the West Seattle Herald. The writer thought they were Canada geese.

So I have been wondering lately, where in fact ARE the Canada geese? The last several years there have been large flocks of Canada geese that congregate near the Water Taxi dock and all the way on down past Salty's. Usually I enjoy watching the baby goslings grow as the weather warms. This year the wide expanse of lawns around the Boat Launch are strangely quiet. Not a Canada goose to be seen. No goslings at all. It does seem very, very odd to me. And I suspect that SOMEONE has taken them away. There is no other explanation for their sudden and complete disappearance.

I'm not sure I miss them though. The goose poop was a major problem, but not enough to convince me that the geese needed to be gotten rid of. But last year in particular, the birds were extremely aggressive. They would spread their wings and charge me. It got so bad that I started detouring around them. Have you ever been bitten by a goose? It really, really hurts.

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  1. We usually see Canada (not Canadian) geese at Don Armeni while out on morning walks. Thanks for the brant photo; we love watching them when they congregate near Alki Point or Lowman Beach.