Friday, April 27, 2007

Totem Pole

Totem Pole Face - behind the Log House Museum

It says "The Birthplace of Seattle - Log House Museum."


I usually walk in the mornings so this particular evening walk
was an exception.

Another penny

Someone is practicing stacking rocks. Occasionally I come across
unfathomable stacks of 7 or 8 large rocks. They look like they must
be stuck together with super glue. Usually the stacks are located
on the beach in a spot destined to be covered by the high tide. Sometimes it is interesting to sit and watch the waves devour the rocks as the water level gets higher and higher. Sort of like Wendy when she was tied to the stake in Peter Pan - which was terrifying - not fun. And I think she was rescued before she drowned.

Another mini-stack of rocks.

Who said birds aren't smart?

I will let you guess what this is.

A very small pond.

Beach Art

"Blue Bottles Park"

In "Blue Bottles Park"

Find the Blue Heron.

CEPHEUS - Winter
"Live without Fear and Love just as Bravely! For Love is a Decision,
a Choice. It Must be Nurtured and Practiced Even in Our Darkest
Moment! So that we May Heal a Fractured World and become
Masters of Our Hearts and Kings of Our World."

Stars in Constellation Park

I think this is "chaff" blown down from the poplar trees along the
promenade but I could be wrong.

This tire was gone when I went by the next day. It must have floated out to sea. It looked to me as if those rocks and driftwood were intentionally arranged and not randomly placed there by the waves.

An Andy Goldsworthy type of shot - but a little too sweet.

More Andy Goldsworthy

Every clematis I have ever planted in my yard has died, so I
am resigned to just appreciating the neighbors'.

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