Thursday, May 17, 2007

Walking Withdrawal

I'm starting to get behind on my walking reports. I have had to catch the bus out of West Seattle early in the morning for daylong sessions in Downtown Seattle. By the time I get home I have so many chores that I don't have time for a beach walk. Unfortuantely this is going to last for a while. But I will try to keep up somehow.............

Here's an early morning view of the water before I got on the bus to head out of town. Sort of a longing backwards look at what I will be missing for the day...

Everyone in Alki knows our crossing guard Marianne. She monitors the crosswalk at 59th and Admiral Way. She does her best to keep us from being hit by the speeding cars that often don't stop for the red lights.

Where is our giant driftwood tree that has been sitting on the beach for the last two years (I think)? Well lookie here...........It has magically turned up. It is now lying in dirt just west of the Alki Bathhouse. Its beautiful tendrils of roots have been sawed off.

Below is the tree a few days later when it had been decorated with plantings and protected by a little fence. At first I thought this was pretty sad - a once great tree of the Northwest Forest ending up as nothing more than a planting prop. But I did take a closer look and decided that in fact it is ok. The City did a nice job saving it. The other option was probably to just saw the whole thing up and drag it away. But I think people would have been upset.

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the tree when it was sitting on the beach. If anyone out there does I'd love to post it. I will give you photo credit.

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