Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Advantages of Insomnia............

Sorry I don't have a photo of tonight's spectacular lunar eclipse. Believe me, I have tried taking a photo of the moon before and it just never works for me.

I spent over an hour in our backyard tonight (from about 3 to 4 am) drinking hot tea and bundled up in my hoodie patiently watching the Earth's shadow cross over the moon's surface. I set up a deck chair out on the lawn in order to get a good view and just sat. What a show! And no clouds anywhere to obscure the view.

I'm never outside at this time of night, although I'm often awake. The eclipse gave me a good reason to get out and reexperience the notion of "peace and quiet." Perfect conditions for contemplation. About how no matter how much we might screw up our environment, there's no way for us to screw up eclipses. They will still be happening long after we are gone.

Here's a web site with more info and pictures.

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