Friday, July 20, 2007

Installation Art..........

Well, I have been walking, although I haven't been posting much.

I've been trying to walk a few more hills for aerobic exercise. And since there aren't a lot of hills at the beach, I have had to go "inland" a bit. One morning this week I was slogging through a downpour in some nondescript residentical area and came face to face with this. Yes, it is a phone pole decorated with wads of chewed up gum. And it looks as if at one time the pieces of gum were arranged in the shape of a heart.

Oh, the speculations that came up with this one. It does seem as if there are so many pieces of gum, of so many different types, that this project must be ongoing, rather than a one shot deal. Who could chew all this gum at one time? I'm wondering if there is a group of neighborhood kids who are collaborating on this. Or if there is one person who "drops their gum off" daily as they walk home from work. Or maybe two different people are carrying on a romantic conversation from a distance - each one making an equal contribution.

Don't I have a quirky mind. I'm probably the only one in West Seattle who is at all intrigued by this.

Sorry, this probably doesn't qualify as "beach walk" material. But I did get to Alki Beach later in my route, if that counts. Anyway, I'm getting too many blogs and don't need another category...........


  1. They quite likely are trying to replicate the gum wall in Post Alley... except on a telephone pole.

  2. Ooooh! We've seen this one too. I think there are fewer pieces on it than I remember. Some fell off?