Sunday, June 10, 2007

Jury Duty

I spent the end of May and beginning of June in downtown Seattle on jury duty in King County Superior Court. We were hearing a civil case. Washington State's Department of Social and Health Services was being sued by four siblings - foster children who had been abused for five and a half years in two separate foster care homes. I've linked a news web site about the case to the title "Jury Duty" above. It made me very sad to think that while those kids were living in terror, I was blithely walking my dog at the beach.

For a while I thought maybe I would write a longer account of the trial and post it over on my Personal Blog. But I've decided that I need to move on and you don't need to hear the gory details.

The afternoon I finally got home, I grabbed my stuff and went out for a two hour walk. Needless to say, after nearly four weeks of not walking much, I got some pretty bad blisters.

Below are some of the photos I took during my low tide, Sunday afternoon walk in early June. I have finally had some time to edit and post them.



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  1. I have only just found you. I love these pictures. They show how the beach affects us and makes us more ourselves. Thanks for posting such joyous things.